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About me

I think of myself as a happy person: in my professional career I deal with topics that bring me enjoyment, delight and satisfaction. The camera became my indivisible friend and we are always on the hunt for the best shots to capture the most interesting moments.

Founded with ambition

My need for even more active lifestyle, action and creativity, as well as the spirit of adventure and curiosity made me hit the road – with the camera in my hands. Since 2008, on my numerous journeys worldwide I have been capturing the nature, people, documenting exciting experiences and events in Europe as well as many places in North and South Americas, Asia and Africa.

Fresh Skills & Perspective

The work with camera opened me many new areas to make the full use of my potential. Apart from documentary production, reportage photography and exploring the wild nature, I am also carrying out the commercial projects including advertisement photography, various cultural events, interior and exterior architectural photography and making videos.

My work has been appreciated by many clients including the top Slovak media. I took part in various projects by Hospodárske noviny daily, Plus 7 dní weekly or TV Markíza which has featured me as a crew member in their best-selling reality show Farma and head photographer in an adventure reality show Ostrov (Survival) that was taking place in Philippines. Oteckovia, Susedia and Chartshow are other successful projects which I am participating on at the moment.

My Specialties

  • Documentary Photography
  • Reportage Photography
  • Event Photography
  • Wedding Photography
  • Backstage Photography
  • Photo Studio

I love my job

My every job is carried out with a  fully personalised attitude. During my work, I am focusing on the utmost in terms of engaging and impressive output. The photography in my understanding is a composition of the unity of moment, an idea, precision, sense of detail, and striving for the perfect angle. My work is thus a link between accountability, unique attitude, and the photography deemed as an art.